Influx Comics is just me… for now.

Currently it’s just me making the stuff I want to make. Working on different projects with input from a few homies. I may bring in other skilled folks as the site grows, but for now it’s just little ol’ me.

Mission & Values

To make and share good stories in interesting ways.

To me there’s nothing better than a well told story. Be it a book, movie, comics, country song, regardless of the medium, there’s nothing better than a well told story. That above all else is my main goal with Influx, to tell real good stories in interesting ways.

Personally, I’m a huge Science Fiction nerd, so most of the concepts I come up with for stories are centered around that genre. So expect that to be the most common theme for the site and stories. tho I do have a couple ideas for a western and high fantasy stories… possibly together.

Who is “me”?

“me” is me, Randy…

I’m just a guy. I’ve spent my life consuming nerd medias like movies, comics, games, etc.I spend 90% of my free time drawing and writing, typically while listening to educational videos on Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics, True Crime, and Analog Horror stuff. Y’see, I’m a GIANT nerd.

I also do a bit of Streaming, music twiddling (I refuse to call myself a musician because I’m far from it) and dabble in graphic design and video production. situated at the bottom of this page is a list of quick links to my socials and exhibition sites. Click on them to see examples is so inclined.

Other than that, my personal history is kind of irrelevant. If you really get interested in wanting to know more about me, bug enough about it and I’ll end up expanding this page to include the relevant materials.

Places I be at…