Posted issue 1!

After months of hard work, I’m super proud to finally release the first Issue of my long awaited comic project.

been a helluva journey getting here. but it was well worth it lots lof learning, trial, and error. edit after edit, learning new applications, WordPress, all of it. Hit it up and let me know what you think. Looking forward to feedback.


thanks for stopping by


1 thought on “ISSUE 1 IS NOW LIVE!!!”

  1. This is an amazing start!
    I dig the format. The pacing is great along with some motion and effects to bring the story to life more! Feels more immersive if you think about it.
    The introduction leaves me wanting to know what’s going to happen next.
    As always, your quality is far above standard and with this format, I’m hooked! Can’t wait for the second part!

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